leave your process serving to us.

leave your process serving to us.

leave your process serving to us.

leave your process serving to us.

we serve you by serving them

At Prestige Process Serving, we offer our clients service of documents throughout Shanty Bay, Barrie, Beaverton, Collingwood, Georgina, Gravenhurst, Innisfil, Midland, Newmarket, and Orillia.

Prestige Process Serving will serve any document that you have. This includes family court, civil court, small claims court, criminal court and all forms of summonses, and subpoenas. If you have it, we will serve it! The advantages of hiring a process server are practical too! By retaining the services of a professional process server you will avoid the hassle of running all over town, missing work and time with your family. We are familiar with the tips, tricks and techniques of the trade, and, as such, can handle service of your documents much more efficiently and reliably then anyone else could. We serve your documents, draw up the affidavits, have them notarized for you and can even file them in court for you.

Other advantages concern your personal safety and security. Handing a summons, subpoena or other court document to an individual can sometimes be a risky undertaking. When you're involved in a lawsuit emotions can run very high. This can often be the case with family and civil court matters. By retaining the services of a professional process server, you remove the possibility of becoming involved in an altercation or unwanted incident.

With our specialized knowledge you can rest assured that the results of your efforts will be legally binding - the person served will be legally compelled to attend court - if they do not then you will be well positioned to pursue a judgment in absentia.

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  • 1. Serving Documents

    $60 + Mileage Fee

  • 2. Court Filing (Hourly Rate + Price + Mileage Fee)


  • 3. Affidavits


  • 4. Rush Service Fee


  • 5. Additional Parties (Same Address)


  • 6. Mileage Fee


  • 7. Attempted Service

    $25 + Mileage Fee

  • 8. Photocopies


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